WARNING!!! LastPass Hacked - Change Your Passwords

  • 14th January 2023
  IMPORTANT NOTICE If you use LastPass as your password manager, you need to read this email in full. If you know anyone who uses LastPass, forward this to them. Even if you do know about the LastPass hack, I still recommend you read this, as there will be information here that you do not know ...
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New Hike DIY SEO Feature: 'Auto-Assign'

  • 4th November 2022
We've just released a HUGE upgrade to the keyword sitemap section in Hike DIY SEO, including adding a new feature that will save you a lot of time!   New Keyword Sitemap Functionality & Redesign 
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New Android malware bypasses multi-factor authentication to steal your passwords

  • 16th June 2022
Cybersecurity researchers uncover MaliBot, a powerful new Android malware that steals passwords, bank details and cryptocurrency wallets from users. Besides being able to siphon passwords and cookies of the victim’s Google account, the malware is designed to swipe your 2-factor authentication codes from the Google Authenticator app as well as ...
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Are you aware of company fraud?

  • 3rd April 2022
Did you know that company directors are twice as likely to be victims of ID fraud than anyone else. It’s easy to see why when you consider just how easy it is for someone to commit fraud against your company. Companies House, the UK’s registrar of companies, will happily accept documents submitted via post ‘on good faith’. This means ...
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