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You’ve probably received quite a few emails from time to time notifying you some company you have purchased services/products from has updated their Privacy Policy.

Data privacy is becoming a very big deal, and because of that, you should consider not only getting a Privacy Policy but also having a strategy to keep it up to date:

What are privacy laws and why does your business need to be concerned?

Privacy laws exist to protect the personal data of individuals online.  Privacy laws start applying as soon as a website asks for a name and an email on a contact form.

The UK Data Protection Act (2018) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have imposed strict requirements on website operators to have a Privacy Policy that contains very specific disclosures.

While these laws were enacted a while ago, we have seen a large increase in the enforcement and number of fines for violations of these laws in recent years. 

To reiterate, having a website with as little as a contact form means that you are collecting personal data and should consider having a Privacy Policy with the necessary disclosures required by these laws. Penalties for non-compliance can be up to €20 million (about £18 million) or 4% of annual global turnover, whichever is greater.

On top of that, there is an ever-growing number of proposed privacy laws in the US that, if passed, will enable US citizens to sue businesses of any size and location (including those in the UK) simply for collecting their personal data through a website.

What can you do to get protected?

  1. Hire a solicitor to create a privacy policy specifically for you. This is an expensive solution, and you will need to monitor the laws and regulations and to keep your policy up to date, and will need to pay the solicitor every time the policy needs updating.
  2. Use a ready-made policy template. 
    this is a quick and easy solution, and you can even find free templates, but the problem is that they are generic and may not cover all your bases. You will also again need to maintain them and keep then updated manually if the laws change.

To be proactive about this issue, we’ve partnered up with a neat Privacy Policy generator called Termageddon, which will not only generate your privacy policy but also automatically update your website policies when the laws change (as well as notify you when changes are coming).

Not only that, but Termageddon will also generate your terms and conditions and also provides a cookie consent solution for your GDPR compliance as well.

Termageddon is a fraction of the cost of hiring a private solicitor and avoids the risk of using a template that is not properly compliant. 

If Termageddon sounds like a good solution, the license costs just £79/year.

Option 1 - Managed:

If you would prefer to have everything managed for you, then you can signup through Russ Michaels Consulting  and I will do all the work adding it to your website for you.
If I already manage your website for you, this is the best solution.

Sign-up here

Option 2 – DIY:

Iif you are happy to do it yourself, I reached out to Termageddon and they were nice enough to give me a promo code for my clients to use to save a little extra money (10% off their first-year payment). They also offered to personally take my clients through the setup process to ensure they’re protected.

Sign up with Termageddon here.

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